French Bread  $3.50
Garlic Bread  $4.00
Swashbucklers Famous Seafood Chowder – with Bread  $21.00
Oysters, Pacific Rock ½ Dozen $14.00
1 Dozen $24.00
Shrimp Cocktail  $22.00
Scallops – Breaded, Served with Classic Homemade Tartare Sauce Entrée $22.00
Main $32.00
Scallops Mornay Entrée $22.00
Main $32.00
Mussels le Ship – Steamed in Wine and Coconut Cream Entrée $19.50
Main $25.50
Mussels – Steamed Natural Entrée $19.00
Main $25.00
Calamari – Squid Rings, Tossed in Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon (garlic is optional) Entrée $18.50
Main $30.00
Smoked Salmon – Salad Greens, Olive and Lime Vinaigrette  $19.50
Pate – Chicken Livers Blended with Cognac, Cream, Green Peppercorns with French Bread  $21.50


Ginger’s Fish of the Day  $29.00
Straight off the Trawler Lightly Pan Fried in Plain or Garlic Butter
Long John Dory  $33.00
Pan Fried in Garlic and Topped with Cheese and Napolitana Sauce
Long John Dory – Pan Fried in Butter  $31.00
Cajun Akaroa Salmon  $31.50
Grilled and served with Avocado Salsa and Sweet Chilli Sauce
Ben Gunn’s Baked Snapper Fillet   $32.50
with Onion, Capsicum, Tomato and Sweet Chilli Sauce
Swashbuckler’s Fish and Chips  $23.00
Sashimi  $26.00
Captain Kidd’s King Prawns   $36.00
Tossed in Garlic Butter or Sweet Chilli Sauce
Cajun Char Grilled Tuna Steak   $31.50
with Spicy Avocado Salsa and Sweet Chilli
Southern Ocean Scampi – Plain, Garlic or Sweet Chilli  $44.00
N.Z. Whitebait Fritters – Bound with Egg  $29.00
Pirates Platter
A medley of Oysters, Shrimps, Rolled Smoked Salmon, Breaded Scallops King Prawns, Steamed Mussels & Battered Fish (with Calamari $10.00 extra) for One $35.00
for Two $70.00
for Three $105.00
for Four $140.00
Chicken Parmigiana $28.50
with Chunky Fries and Garden Salad
Blackbeard’s Pepper Steak  $36.00
Eye Fillet 300gms Coated with Green Peppercorns, Wine and Cream
Fillet of Beef  $36.00
300gms served with Béarnaise Sauce
Eye Fillet Steak  $36.00
300gms served with Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Fillet of Beef  $39.50
300gms with Scallops wrapped in Bacon served with Tartare Sauce
*Spaghetti Marinara  $26.00
Sautéed Prawns, Mussels, and Fresh Fish with Napolatana Sauce
*Fettuccini  $24.00
Smoked Salmon, Mushrooms and Capsicum in a light Cream Sauce
*Vegetarian Option Available  $24.00
Crayfish – Available if pre-ordered when booking


Fries  $6.00
Tossed Green Salad  $7.00
Greek Salad  $8.00
Creamy Mashed Potatoes  $7.00
Vegetables  $7.00


Please contact us to confirm current menu and prices as both are subject to change.

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